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Safari Studios was built on knowledge, experience and professionalism. Owner and President Jimmy Fontenot obtained his Master’s Degree in range and wildlife management in 1987, and has perfected his craft since then. No matter the trophy, Jimmy and his experienced taxidermists can provide you with a quality mount that will last a lifetime. Instead of trying to find a bargain and hoping you’ll receive the requested general taxidermy services, choose Safari Studios. Each staff member has extensive training and knowledge of the trade. We’re passionate about wildlife, and it shows in each and every stunning project we complete.

In fact, we’ve been recognized time and time again for our fine work. We can have your trophies scored for Boone & Crockett as well as for Pope & Young. We are official scorers for the Safari Club, Record of Exotics, Trophy Game Records and Texas Big Game Awards. When we take on a project, we provide the highest level of care and attention to make sure that your mount is both anatomically correct and beautiful.
General Taxidermy Odessa, TX
To top it all off, we provide a faster turnaround time than many other taxidermists. Simply place a 50% deposit and we’ll provide an incredible mount or wildlife scene after 8 to 10 months (with more detailed products and displays taking 10 to 12 months). All in all, our attention to detail is the highest in the industry.


Our taxidermists work in a modern, well-equipped 3,000 square foot studio, which is fully maintained and secured by an alarm system. Each of our taxidermists has his/her own working booth, allowing us to handle projects of any size. The smallest detail is tended to by our finishing department that uses paints and techniques to finish the eyes, ears and nose. Depend on our habitat department to complete the display, making it unique to your specifications. From artificial rock habitats and water scenes to African brush dioramas, we are able to create just about any desired display. 

Hunters and sportsmen all over the world have enlisted our services to help them display their greatest trophies. Animals from all over the world have passed through these doors and now reside in some of the finest trophy rooms in the country. Stop by our 2,000 square foot showroom today to view our displayed trophies, including big game taxidermy, custom taxidermy and other services. We proudly serve the greater Midland, TX and Odessa, TX area. 
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